Deadpool X-Force Rival Kronos + Chimichanga!

A friend recently pointed me to a sale best buy was doing on the newest Deadpool X-Force Kronos. Being a fan of Deadpool, the rival Kronos, and chimichangas (in that order) I felt obligated to acquire one, especially since it had gone down in price significantly.  This collectors item is everything I wanted, with some neat surprises.

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Adding a New Member!

As some of you may know, I’ve posted a few things written by another Brian, one that I go to various games with quite often. Long story short, I finally got off my butt and added him as our newest writer!

I still need to update a few things on the website, but he’ll have free reign to write to his heart’s desire. Could be serious. Could be snarky. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Blastr Wrapz Review

At the end of last year, an interesting alternative to painting and hydrodipping appeared. Blastr Wrapz are vinyl adhesive decals designed to match the outside of several blasters and magazines. For someone looking to customize their blaster but low on time and/or artistic talent, it’s a really cool option. And if you do have an eye for art, you can customize things even more on their website.

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D-Dart Shows Off New Blasters!

Firstly, I have to give major credit to Foam Focus, They’re checking things out at Spielwarenmesse (Nuremberg Toy Fair), and putting out great posts on their social media about it! See their Facebook and Instagram pages and follow them!

To the main story of the weekend: D-Dart debuted their Tempest this past year, popping up in Target and other retailers. I gave it a mixed review, noting the cool concept but also the lack of power and compatibility with common darts. However, they’re expanding the line in cool new ways that improve on the original design!

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Dart Zone Storm Squad Review

Author note: this blaster was sent to me for free to review. Thanks, Dart Zone!

The Storm Squad name has been floating around since 2017. This past holiday season, it was advertised as a holiday item in Dollar General’s Toy Book, but got delayed. Now, in January 2020, it’s finally set to appear on shelves. Is it worth the $5 price tag? Assuming you’re looking for a small but powerful stock pistol, yes.

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2020: Upcoming Events

I didn’t do enough event highlights last year – I tried one month to get a running calendar of events going, and then those plans fell apart. This year, I’ll go for something not quite as ambitious – most people are able to search and find their local clubs, after all. Instead, I’ll start off just by naming the high-profile events in the hobby for the first part of the year. Given currently available information, of course.

Note there will be some obvious bias in the events I select (living in the eastern United States).

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