Nerf Super Soaker XP20 Review

We’ve been celebrating the return of air pressure soakers this year. The XP100 was fun to use and review. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The smallest of the new blasters, the XP20, has some serious issues, both in terms of usefulness and quality control. It’s a flawed design, even if I was unlucky enough to get one that leaked.

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Buzz Bee Water Warriors Gargantua X Review

Buzz Bee Toys made an interesting design decision here. The original Gargantua, which I owned but somehow never reviewed, relied on a small CPS-type pressure chamber. It wasn’t a CPS 2000 by any means, but it had nice strong shots, capacity, and fast pumping. Now, Buzz Bee has the Gargantua X, replacing the CPS and trigger with a Steady Stream mechanism, but keeping the three nozzles. It’s still a decent blaster, considering what’s on the market. I just preferred the old one more.

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Legitbread’s Nerfers Against Covid-19 Fundraiser!

A last-minute plea for help, if you can! Fellow Nerftuber Legitbread has been running a fundraiser over the past couple weeks, aiming to raise $1000CAD for worldwide relief efforts. The fundraiser ends this Friday, and we still have plenty of ground to cover to reach the goal! If you’re in a position to be able to help, consider pitching in $5 (plus with the current US/CAD conversion rate, you can get a decent number of Loonies compared to American dollars). If you can’t donate, consider spreading the fundraiser on social media.

Let’s hit that goal! After all, if everyone who sees the fundraiser donates even two dollars, we’ll be well on our way.

Nerf Epic Pranks – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Since its release, the Nerf Epic Pranks app has seen millions of downloads. Granted, it’s a game that can at least hold your attention for a limited time, but it released with a lack of replay value after completing all the levels.

As of a recent update, that issue has been somewhat mitigated. However, there was also another, far more annoying change in the game: the addition of a subscription model. And the benefits don’t seem that great, all things considered. Here’s a quick peek.

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Blasterhub Twitter Contest!

Because it’s a thing that’s been neglected…we’re using it for a contest. Retweet us as your entry for winning some free Dart Zone blasters! And whatever else I decide to throw in the box.

Two people are each getting an Apex and Storm Squad. Time for entries ends next Friday at 11:59pm EST, and the winners will be chosen at random shortly after (my currently strange work schedule notwithstanding).

Dart Zone Ballistix Ops Optima Squad?

Sometimes I go down rabbit holes and find things. For example, I learned that there was another color scheme for the Powerball in Europe. Following the trail led me to a store, then a catalog, and then to an unexpected surprise: a two-shot Rival Jolt from Dart Zone?

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Frantz Foam Works Stryfe Battle Rifle Mk2 Review

Frantz Foam Works is a small outfit out of Altoona, PA. If you’ve ever played games at Blair County House of Nerf or been to the Penn State HvZ Invitationals, you’ve probably met the people behind it. FFW has also been getting the web store up and running, buying up old stock of motors and flywheels and selling them for cheaper prices (for example, the flywheels are old Hooligan stock). The most notable element, however, is the availability of various blaster kits. The Mk1 Stryfe kit has been reviewed a ton, so in this case, I bought and looked at the Mk2. And as far as kits go, it’s quite nice!

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