Adventure Force Arsenal Blaster Pack Review

Buzz Bee Toys takes up a decently large chunk of shelf space at Walmart, thanks to the Adventure Force line. Among their entries this year is a double pack, featuring two blasters and multiple accessories, including magazines that clip together. It’s another item that’s clearly sized for younger kids – but it has the performance you’d expect from modern Buzz Bee blasters. It’s the Arsenal Blaster Pack, and it’s worth a look if you’re trying to arm multiple children.

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Blasterhub Holiday Giveaway – Week 1!

The holidays are here, and we’re going to celebrate with a few weeks of blaster giveaways! They’re all 2019 releases, and they’re all good blasters. However, they’re also some of the blasters I’ve had the most fun with this past year – whether it’s Nerf wars, HvZ games, or other odd reasons. In any case, they’re free! Just head over to the Facebook post and leave a comment. Liking and following the page is nice, of course, but a comment is all you need.

  1. Please be old enough to actually use Facebook as per their terms of service.
  2. Two winners will be chosen at random from all comments made before 11:59pm EST on the first Thursday after the Facebook post goes live. Winners will be promptly announced.
  3. I will message the winners for their contact information, put the blasters in the mail, and provide the tracking numbers.

This week, we have two Buzz Bee Blow Blasters! Have fun with them if you win them!

Blasters: What’s on the Horizon?

It’s the end of the year, with holiday sales kicking into high gear and people wanting to know what to buy. However, before we go anywhere near the cliché Top 10 lists or anything like that, I thought I’d peek at a few things we have yet to see. Some things could hit shelves by surprise before Christmas, and others might not appear until the first of the year – or even Toy Fair 2020.

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Adventure Force Max Morpher Review

Buzz Bee has made a significant push this year on Walmart shelves, with several items under the Adventure Force line. One of them, the Max Morpher, is a unique, folding blaster that’s clearly meant for younger kids. I personally am not a fan of the blaster, but it remains an interesting piece of engineering. It also has great performance and replay value for young children. It’s probably not going to be the enthusiasts’ choice, but for parents? It’s a perfectly fine option.

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Revolution Review

Buzz Bee Toys has had a successful run of Nerf-compatible springers. Starting with the Ultra-Tek line, they made a major move towards compatibility, improving the blasters all along the way. This process has continued, from the Champion to the Reaper, and onwards to the Tactical Storm and other blasters.

Now, with the 2019 product line in full swing, we have things like the Revolution. It’s not as game-changing as the name would suggest, but it doesn’t need to be. If you need an inexpensive, powerful, and reliable mag-fed spring blaster, the Revolution is a great choice. Even if you have adult hands!

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Game Report: Mall Mutation Madness Hardcore

Well, this was a fun time! I managed to make it out to St. Peters, MO for an overnight HvZ game that was well worth it. Mall Mutation Madness Hardcore was a blast the first year. It was even better this time around! Footage and pictures below!

Special thanks to the FRAG Society for putting on this event!

Video links:
Part One (Human into Zombie)
Part Two (Fleshmonster footage)
Part Three (Endgame)

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Panther (2019) Review

The “Panther” name is a classic one among NIC modders – the original Buzz Bee blaster with that name was a tiny pistol with a huge air tank for its size. Later models may have shrunk the tank, but the original holds a special place.

Now, Buzz Bee has elected to use that name for another tiny pistol. This time, it’s a tiny springer that aims to displace the Jolt and other similar toys. And at least in price and performance, it exceeds that standard.

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