Game Report: Mall Mutation Madness Hardcore

Well, this was a fun time! I managed to make it out to St. Peters, MO for an overnight HvZ game that was well worth it. Mall Mutation Madness Hardcore was a blast the first year. It was even better this time around! Footage and pictures below!

Special thanks to the FRAG Society for putting on this event!

Video links:
Part One (Human into Zombie)
Part Two (Fleshmonster footage)
Part Three (Endgame)

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Panther (2019) Review

The “Panther” name is a classic one among NIC modders – the original Buzz Bee blaster with that name was a tiny pistol with a huge air tank for its size. Later models may have shrunk the tank, but the original holds a special place.

Now, Buzz Bee has elected to use that name for another tiny pistol. This time, it’s a tiny springer that aims to displace the Jolt and other similar toys. And at least in price and performance, it exceeds that standard.

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Maxx Action Defender Review

The original version?

There are a series of designs that have cycled through various brands. As best as I can tell, the original creator in China was Feng Jia Toys, but these blaster have appeared under that brand, World Tech Toys, and various other labels. Now, for this holiday season, the Maxx Action line has a bunch of blasters available at Kohl’s, including one I haven’t seen in the US before. It’s called the Defender, and it’s a decent blaster – it just seems to have a higher price than I can justify for an “off-brand”. On sale, though, it might be worth a look.

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Endwar 2020 Date Announced!

Because it’s kinda important news for a lot of people, Endwar has officially announced the dates for next year’s game at Penn State University!

Quoting the Facebook post:

Good afternoon EndWarriors, while you can expect a formal event page to go up soon with the usual bells and whistles, for those of you scheduling international flights or planning routes otherwise, we are excited to give your calendars a little way-point.

While our staff is hard at work getting hotel deals and speaking with Penn State about possible on-site accommodations, we want you to be aware that we have locked into the long weekend of June 26th, 27th, and 28th for EndWar 2020.

We’ve got a lot of information to share in the coming months but we encourage you all to stay limber and warm as the weather chills and we quietly put together a game that’s truly…out of this world. 

The Future of Dart Zone Pro

The Dart Zone Pro had a successful launch, with a slow but steady march to 1000 units sold (plus a few unmarked ones from prototypes and Ragnarocktoberfest prizes). Magazines are now on preorder, with darts on the way. So what’s next for the line, and what needs done in the future? Just a few thoughts on my end, and some speculation.

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Powermech Review

The Auto Tommy 20 is a venerable staple of early 2000s blasting; it served as many people’s first experience with a flywheel blaster. In spite of its flaws (inaccurate, limited range, goofy shape), it remained a beloved staple of childhood Nerf collections. Now, after making brief appearances at Toy Fairs and in Europe, its successor, the Powermech, is here. It doesn’t correct all the flaws of the original, but it does bring the blaster into the modern era – with room to upgrade.

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Dart Zone Pro Mk-1 Review

Earlier in the summer, Dart Zone opened up preorders for the Dart Zone Pro Mk-1; it was a new blaster designed around a proprietary dart type. They claimed 150fps performance, half and full length dart compatibility, and great range and accuracy. By any of those measures, the Mk-1 is a great success, and a fine entry blaster into the “superstock” realm of blasters. However, it does come with some limitations in compatibility and operation. It’s also, at least in its current form, limited in getting extra power – although a few people have made some progress,

In any case, now is as good a time for a review as any – the blasters may have sold out, but the compatible magazines are up for preorder, making it still relevant for now.

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