MAASF: Godfall, Dust to Dust Game Report

Note: this was a game I couldn’t attend, due to all my remaining vacation time being devoted to Ragnarocktoberfest. However, many of my HvZ-playing friends were able to go, and were kind enough to do a report. Or in the case of Scotty, take pictures that have been subsequently stolen. Enjoy reading someone else’s report – with footnotes, even! A fitting report from what was sadly the last MAASF game.

Hey everyone,

Different Brian, similar HVZ spirit.

Three weekends ago, a group of Ohio HVZ players including myself, Team BrOhio, made a trek out to MAASF’s closing event, Godfall: Dust to Dust.  Part of our attendance was due to urgency of this being their last event, but mostly we just heard it was balls to the wall awesome.  On that point my comrades and I have formed a consensus that it was in fact balls to the wall awesome.

For some background, my group of people came from a largely HVZ background, having played at various HVZ games throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and Detroit. Now we can add Massachusetts to our list.  What we mean by this war resume is that we went into this game with HVZ expectations, which may have been somewhat a mistake on our end as this game was ultimately a LARP with HVZ mechanics (namely zombies and blasters).

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Ragnarocktoberfest 2019 – King of the Hill 5v5

Oh yeah, I should probably post about the last day of Ragfest! I got to play another competitive tournament with the Eh Team – albeit a different looking one this time around. And we made a good showing, to boot!

Photos courtesy of David Coleman, posted here at the Ragnarocktoberfest Facebook page!

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Ragnarocktoberfest – The Stalking Dead

Author’s note: Credit to David Coleman, one of the Bay Area dads, for taking such great shots of the action this weekend. You can find more pictures from The Stalking Dead 2019 here.

After all the modding and Convention action, Ragfest moved to the core part of the weekend: actual playtime! First up, of course, was The Stalking Dead, a Human v Human v Human v Zombies game that took up most of the afternoon and early evening. Humans fought to control resources and defend themselves from the ever-growing zombie threat, and it all ended with (surprise surprise) the end of the world! There were some hiccups along the way, but it was a great game on the whole.

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Ragfest: Mod Party and Orange Mod Works

My time here in California is just starting, and after a day spent with friends, I got to meet more hobby friends at the mod party and see some neat things. Just posting a few pictures and some details before I get stupid busy with a booth tomorrow and the main HvZ game!

Also, I spent lots of time hanging out with these guys. You should, too!

Nerf Ultra One Review

AUTHOR’S NOTE: One blaster was sent for free for reviewing (I bought another to purposefully tear apart). Thanks for the free sample, Hasbro!

This was a hard review to write. On the one hand, Ultra One is a brand new blaster that, combined with its new, proprietary ammo, outperforms other Nerf dart blasters. On the other, Ultra One is a brand new blaster that, even with its new, proprietary ammo, just isn’t quite as useful or inexpensive as other dart blasters. It’s a fun blaster to use, even with some issues that can impair normal use if you’re not careful. If you’re looking for casual use, you’ll probably enjoy it. If you anticipate needing extra ammo or need more consistency, however, you may end up looking elsewhere.

In any case, hang on, because this is going to be long.

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