Dart Zone Pro is Official!

There’s not much extra news to relay here – we’ve been wondering when the announcement would happen ever since Google indexed a test page. Now, though, it appears that the official release (presumably of full information and preorders) will be July 15th!

If you want to check out the page yourself, just click here. You’ll be prompted for your age (it’s meant for ages 13+), and then asked to subscribe with a valid email for more updates as July 15th gets closer.

Fortnite Rocket Launcher (With Actual Rocket) Announced

It’s about time! We’ve seen a Fortnite Rocket Launcher Super Soaker, and a Microshot, but nothing that fires actual rockets – until now.

Confirmed via Twitter, Hasbro will have Demolisher rocket-launching toys on hand for the Fortnite Block Party in Los Angeles, in early limited release.

No word yet on when the official, wide release will be. I would assume this is a standard “manual pump and fire” blaster, as opposed to one that uses an air tank. Even so, this makes for a new blaster that’s just simply fun to use. Who doesn’t like large ammo?

Game Report – Weekend Survival Challenge

Back in May, I had the opportunity to flee the usual Nerfy weekend for a unique experience. Weekend Survival Challenge is a Humans v Zombies game that takes place entirely on a campground out in Kansas, and goes on day and night from Friday evening to Sunday morning. Generally, you only get to sleep if you’re a zombie, or really good at hiding. It’s a unique, ammo-scarce experience that I hope to try again next year, if the schedule allows it!

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Nerf Mega Battlecamo Cycloneshock Review

When I ordered the new Battlecamo version of the Cycloneshock, I looked through the archives and couldn’t find a review of the original blaster! So we’re doing one now.

The Cycloneshock is the Mega line’s answer to the Strongarm (and, more currently, the Disruptor). It’s an oversized revolver with an easy top prime and decent dart velocity, making for a fun blaster for all ages – even if stock Mega darts aren’t that accurate.

Purchase here (affiliate link that supports the site)

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Nerf Rival Edge Mercury Review

The first of the Walmart-exclusive blasters announced at Jared’s Epic Nerf Battle is here at last! The Rival Edge Mercury marks the start of a new line of Rival blasters with a “target practice” theme to them. Under the bolt-action prime and cool new shell, however, is another Rival Kronos. Which, given the success of that blaster, is far from a bad thing.

Purchase here (affiliate link that supports the site)

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Blasterhub: Now Featuring Walmart Affiliate Links

News related to the website itself! Blasterhub was accepted as a Walmart Affiliate as of this afternoon, meaning that I can now post product links for purchase, with purchases made that way kicking money back to me. It could make a few bucks or a few more, but either way helps put money towards keeping the site itself running (paying for server space, etc).

You’ll soon be seeing links for current blaster products in the appropriate places – review pages, company press releases, etc. I’ll do my best to make sure that, while visible, the product links aren’t annoying or out of place.