Xshot Flying Bugs Dropping in Next Month!

Zuru’s Xshot blasters have been a resounding success in terms of gaining market share, and their line expansion was hinted at back at Toy Fair 2018. The launching of the new sub-series, Flying Bug Attack, is set for next month, with battery-operated launchers sending the targets up into the air. The new pistol in the series, a clip-fed blaster that suspiciously looks to use the same clips as the Regenerator, also looks highly promising. I’ll be sure to post a review once I get my hands on one of these!

This ad was from the June issue of Toy World Magazine, by the way.

Xshot Recoil Review

Sometimes a fun little pistol comes along. In the case of the Recoil, it’s a simple, single shot blaster with a bonus. The slide actually retracts and then returns on trigger pull, giving the blaster its “recoil”. With or without a dart loaded to fire, it’s a fun effect that completely sells the blaster.

I found the Adventure Force version at a Walmart Canada. The US version, marketed as the Pulse or Kickback, has been seen in the toy sections of places like Burlington Coat Factory.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper Review

The first of the new wave of Nerf blasters is here! Kinda. I had to run to Canada to pick up a Delta Trooper, but US appearances shouldn’t be far behind.

The Delta Trooper is the newest “base” spring-powered, magazine-fed blaster, and it carries over both the Retaliator’s basic operation and the Alpha Trooper’s slam fire capabilities. It does its job well, even if there are some things consumers might desire (pump-action priming, for one). And after a first day of not liking the design, it’s started to grow on me.

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I just realized that I’ve been working on things for this all weekend, but have yet to actually advertise the event on Blasterhub! Failure to promote, indeed.

Endwar HvZ is back for another run in Athens, OH this June (22-24). Last year was a great success. This year I won’t be playing, as I’m actually helping to run it! It’s one of the reasons my free time has been sparse as of late, especially when it comes to posting reviews on here.

Facebook event

In addition, I’ll have a booth at Foamcon, with the general plan being to have newer blasters on hand for people to take a look at. Come say hi!

Random News in Nerf – May 21, 2018

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