Nerf Ultra Officially Announced!

The fun things I get to post while on break at work!

After some speculation coming with their video about “The One”, Nerf is officially announcing the Nerf Ultra line, starting with the Ultra One blaster. Shoots farther than before, but comes with a new kind of dart. More from the press release after the jump!

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Mod Project: Flybar Nerf Scooter

Back in March, I reviewed the Nerf Blaster Scooter from Flybar. While I can appreciate it being made for kids much smaller than myself, it just wasn’t that good, at least if your goal was effective use in a blaster battle. However, since when has that stopped any of us before? To that end, I opened up the blaster, tweaked the scooter, and got something that could be useful in HvZ or Nerf wars. It still has issues retaining some larger magazines, but overall it performs well enough to truly be fun. At least wherever vehicles are allowed 🙂

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September Multi-Game Report!

I’ve been a bit absent in posting this week – my time after work has been spent editing video from the past few months, actually! One of many things I’m behind on. To that end, here are a few games from the past month I’ve attended!

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Adventure Force V-Twin Review

Dart Zone has a thing for silly yet completely viable “minigun” blasters. The Scorpion, for example, is still on shelves after many years. This year, we have several options. Those with a preference for dart hoppers, of course, have the excellent Destructor to find at Target. For those who love their chain-fed blasters, however, Walmart has a notable update in the Adventure Force V-Twin. Ammo capacity? Ease of reloading? High velocities? All of them are here, in an inexpensive package!

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Adventure Force Tactical Strike Sentry X2 Review

To date, Dart Zone (and their Adventure Force-branded blasters at Walmart) has been producing solid blasters for a low price. But even with so many hits, sometimes there’s a blaster that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Such is the case with the Sentry X2.

It’s meant to be a competitor for the Kronos and other pistol-sized Rival blasters. However, even with the lower price, it ends up being lacking in some key areas. It might work well for kids getting into Rival, but for the rest of us…it could have been better.

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Blasterhub Special: Nerf Rival Knockout Review!

We’re reaching the tail end of the year, with lots of items to still appear on shelves. We have, of course, big ticket items like the Perses that were introduced at Toy Fair. However, there are other items filling in the remaining shelf space. Come October, one of those items will be the Rival Knockout XX-100. Hasbro was kind enough to send me a blaster as part of the public reveal – and after having the blaster for a week, I’m impressed with how much power can come out of a $10 package!

The Nerf Rival Knockout XX-100 will be available Oct. 1 at most major toy retailers.

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