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Review: Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Cyclonic (22m/72ft EU)

Spinning barrels are always an enticing feature of blasters. Regardless of how impractical they are, they’re just plain cool. The Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Cyclonic promised spinning barrels along with full-auto flywheeling which, as seen with the Ultra-Tek Brute, we know the company can do reasonably well. I was rather excited, therefore, to receive a Cyclonic with the hope that it, like the Brute, could be used as a budget, full-auto flywheeler.

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Nerf Game Report 13/8/16: Melbourne HvZ

Today’s MHvZ event was pretty good. I was able to test out several of my newly completed semi auto flywheelers. We also had quite a high player count, which made for some pretty good games. We also saw the return of Defence Survival. In this Nerf Game Report, I’ll be going through the main blasters that saw use, the gametypes we played and, in particular, how the new gamemode “Blombies” turned out.

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Buzz Bee Ruff Stuff Light Up Sword Review

Toy melee weapons: they’re seen more often in LARP (Live Action Role Play) settings than in Nerf wars, and aren’t usually an effective tool. Nevertheless, they make for a fun addition to wars, and they are sometimes useful. So, while not strictly blaster-related, it’s worth taking a look at one of the latest entries in the melee category to see how it compares to the toy weapons we’re used to seeing.

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Review: Prime Time Toys 2016 Spring-Powered Blasters

At the end of June, Blaster Hub was able to release info on the new Prime Time Toys blasters for 2016. In a clear bid to eat away at Hasbro’s shelf space, all the new blasters were available at competitive price points and claimed ranges of up to 80 feet. Now that August is here, stores are beginning to set these toys on shelves, especially at Target and Walmart. Are they worth adding to your arsenal? The answer would seem to be yes!

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The Paradigm Shift | Header

Building a Custom Blaster: The Paradigm Shift

Editor’s note: While WalcomS7 no longer writes for Blasterhub, we encourage you to view the content on his Youtube channel!

One thing the Nerf modding community has over many other hobbies is not only do we get to field our blasters in games and tune performance to where we want it, we also sometimes get to build something completely original out of existing parts and change the way blasters work, or add functionality that was never there but was sorely needed. That’s where this crazy idea came to light: meet the “Paradigm Shift” — a completely custom-built Nerf Rapidstrike that’s not only practical, but maybe a little overpowered!

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XShot Blaster Giveaway | Header

Exclusive ZURU X-Shot Blaster Giveaway (UPDATED)

Blaster Hub teams up with ZURU for X-Shot prizes!

(UPDATE) This giveaway is done and the winners have been chosen!

Looking to try out some of the newest X-Shot blasters? Here’s a chance to win one of two, new X-Shot Bug Attack packs in our exclusive giveaway! We’ve been fans of ZURU’s high-value X-Shot blasters for some time, and the Bug Attack line is an exciting addition, with wood-look handle grips, faux metal trigger guards, a unique color scheme, and of course the “creepy bugs” that act as moving targets. Now ZURU has expanded the line with the Bug Attack Value Pack, and the all-new Bug Attack Bug Blaster Bow & Arrow set. We’d like to thank Zuru for their support, and we look forward to sharing ongoing news and reviews of their products with Blaster Hub readers. In the meantime, here’s how you can win one of the two, brand-new ZURU X-Shot Bug Attack sets shown below!

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Nerf Game Report 17/7/16: Melbourne League of Foam

MLF is becoming more and more saturated with flywheelers, and there are fewer and fewer springers and airblasters that see use. Nevertheless, we were able to have a lot of good games. We also switched play area half way, which helped to add a bit of diversity to the day. In this Nerf Game Report, I’ll go through the main blasters that saw use, the gametypes we played, and how the two play areas affected our games.

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