New Bright R/C Mech Blaster Review

One surprise this year I didn’t see coming was another Rival-firing drone from New Bright. I reviewed last year’s MECH Robocannon, which was surprisingly fun, even if it wasn’t quite as useful for wars as I would have liked. This year brings a smaller, less expensive version that does away with some of the nicer features of the former. It’s still fun to use (if horribly impractical), and all the kids that have been near me the past two weeks have loved using it. Just know that if you’re looking for a unique spin for your next Nerf war, that this isn’t it.

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Tracker Review

I don’t often review the same blaster twice, unless there’s a significant update. This is one of those times. Originally, Buzz Bee (at least in the US) sold the Tracker under Walmart’s Adventure Force line, complete with a heat-sensitive scope. I reviewed that blaster and found it to be adequate, although it’s slow as to be expected for a bolt-action blaster. This time, however, the blaster is being sold with a new 30-round drum, and that itself is a significant development. And it’s better than expected – albeit with slight tweaking. Sometimes things from Toy Fair show up in unexpected places!

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Adventure Force Liberator Review

The Liberator first piqued my interest when it appeared at the Dart Zone booth at Foamcon this summer. A shotgun platform, with an internal magazine? That’s a solid setup for Rival-type blasters. The end result isn’t quite what I was hoping for, but it still performs decently well. And it has a bit of room for older users to make it better.

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Blow Blaster Review

I’ll preface this review by saying there are more useful blasters to be bought for $5. Things like the Xshot Fury 4 and the Alpha Strike Fang exist for the same price. Even single shot blasters with high dart speeds (like the Xshot Kickback/Adventure Force Hypershot) can be found for $4. The Air Warriors Blow Blaster, though, aims for a unique (and fun) experience that also happens to shot darts really well – without getting spit all over your darts. It was my favorite at Buzz Bee’s Toy Fair showing, and is still my favorite now that their blasters are hitting shelves. (Currently just at Dollar General) Continue reading

Nerf Rival Perses Review

(This was sent for free as part of a larger care package. Thanks, Hasbro!)

Of Hasbro’s $100 blasters displayed at Toy Fair and available this fall, the Perses is by far the better option. It has a more comfortable, smaller form factor than previous full-auto Rival blasters, keeps the drive train and rechargeable nature of the Prometheus, and can handle most things you throw at it. If you’re going to drop that kind of money on a new blaster, this should be at the top of the list.

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Nerf NStrike Elite Titan CS-50 Review

(This blaster was included as part of a larger, free care package from Hasbro. Thanks!)

The Titan is one of Nerf’s two big blasters for Fall 2019 (the other being the Rival Perses). It works decently well, provided you use the included drum or a newer magazine (aka one that isn’t old and worn). It has the minigun feel to it, complete with giant spinning barrel and top-mounted carry handles. It’s also completely impractical. In the end, you’re paying $100 for a giant hunk of unwieldy plastic – one that is essentially a Hyperfire with a giant drum attached. And I’m just not sure the “movie experience” of carrying the heavy weapon is worth the price, in this case.

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Apocalypse 2019 – The Hyperstrike!

One of the special things about Apocalypse is the variety of things allowed. Being an annual war from back in the days of classic NIC play, high fps blasters are allowed, as are a wide variety of things like Zing bows. As such, I brought one of my Hyperstrike bows and a bunch of arrows. Which ended up working well, because most of my other normal “war blasters” broke. Turns out the Hyperstrike is a ton of fun to use, given a proper setting to use it.

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