Nerf Rival Edge Mercury Review

The first of the Walmart-exclusive blasters announced at Jared’s Epic Nerf Battle is here at last! The Rival Edge Mercury marks the start of a new line of Rival blasters with a “target practice” theme to them. Under the bolt-action prime and cool new shell, however, is another Rival Kronos. Which, given the success of that blaster, is far from a bad thing.

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Blasterhub: Now Featuring Walmart Affiliate Links

News related to the website itself! Blasterhub was accepted as a Walmart Affiliate as of this afternoon, meaning that I can now post product links for purchase, with purchases made that way kicking money back to me. It could make a few bucks or a few more, but either way helps put money towards keeping the site itself running (paying for server space, etc).

You’ll soon be seeing links for current blaster products in the appropriate places – review pages, company press releases, etc. I’ll do my best to make sure that, while visible, the product links aren’t annoying or out of place.

Nerf Family Entertainment Centers to Open in the US

Hasbro has been in a licensing agreement with Kingsmen Creatives, Ltd. to bring a Nerf Family Entertainment Center to the Singapore market. Given their apparently stellar work leading into the upcoming 2019 opening of the “Nerf Action Xperience”, Hasbro has agreed to extend the license to the United States, with an FEC location due in 2020.

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Daybreak Wheel Review

It’s been an unofficial rule for myself, but I’ve generally tried to steer clear of reviews for various blaster modding materials. Inherently, the DIY nature of things means that results will vary. In addition, many items like motors have extensive literature on the internet, whether from sellers or from hobbyists who’ve just been able to devote more time to testing.

However, some discoveries are too good to not pass along the information. Such is the case with Daybreak Wheels, designed by Kuryaka. After all, it’s not every day that you can throw a flywheel blaster together in one evening and be able to make 200+fps shots.

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Buzz Bee Water Warriors Trident Review

Not all water blasters can be large behemoths. Some are small, and great for kids, with fun gimmicks. Such is the Water Warriors Trident, which fires three streams at once. More than that, it can even fire them at varying spreads! It’s not the most competitive blaster, but it’s silly and fun, and for $10, that’s all you need it to do.

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Buzz Bee Water Warriors Saturator Review

Most of the water blasters for sale this year aren’t much for innovation – there’s only so much you can do when it comes to launching water, after all. Whereas Nerf has gone the branding route with Fortnite blasters, Buzz Bee has elected to continue making relatively inexpensive water blasters with some neat features. The Saturator features a large reservoir, manual blasting, and trigger-based stream settings. For $15, it’s a good option for today’s water wars.

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Nerf Fortnite Mega TS Review

Disclaimer: thanks, Hasbro, for sending one of these blasters for free!

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Trailing the rest of the Fortnite crossover release is the replica of the Tactical Shotgun (TS). It loads and fires four Mega darts, has storage for more, and is generally just a large blaster. It’s not ergonomic perfection, by any means. But it is a fun blaster with good performance.

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