Nerf Titan, Perses, Revoltinator, Megalodon Info Officially Released!

We have quite a few blaster officially announced by Hasbro prior to Toy Fair (regardless of blaster “leaks”, Hasbro is a corporation that operates on it’s own schedule). I’ll have the official release text posted after work (I still haven’t quite mastered the subtleties of the touch screen). In the meantime, here are some pictures and info!

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Nerf Laser Ops Classic 2-Pack Review

After releasing the Alphapoint and Deltaburst last year, Nerf starts this year’s Laser Ops releases with the Classic Ion blasters. The blasters are a smaller, simpler model compared to the previous blasters, and they’re meant purely for jumping into a game with your friends. However, between their lesser capabilities and their current price point, you may end up waiting on the purchase. Continue reading

Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Shadow Review

After the success of the Ghost Ops Evader, Nerf has elected to release another clear, light-up blaster. This time, it’s the Ghost Ops Shadow ICS-6. Holding six darts in an internal magazine, the blaster is fun to use and performs acceptably as a blaster. However, if you aren’t interested in the aesthetic aspects of the blaster or are looking for better performance (or modification), there are better blasters out there.

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Buffdaddy’s Game Report!

I’m notoriously horrible at reporting on different games I’ve attended, and usually post footage as an afterthought. However, considering the great people and venues I’ve been at, I thought I’d at least highlight a couple places here in the Midwestern US.

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Drone Slayer Updates!

It took a little bit of video scrounging, but we finally have more pics of the Drone Slayer blaster line, thanks to DadGeek UK‘s footage at London Toy Fair. This was from the Re:Creation booth; Re:creation does sales, marketing, and distribution for several companies, including Far Out Toys, in the UK.

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Zuru / Adventure Force Blaster Giveaway! (via Facebook)

It’s that time again! In the name of shameless self promotion and handing out cool stuff, we have two quality blasters to giveaway – the Adventure Force Hypershot and Hyperspin. You may recognize them as the Xshot Recoil/Pulse/Kickback and the Xshot Xcess, just with differently-colored plastic. One person will be receiving both of them!

As I’ve reviewed earlier, they’re solid pistol-format blasters, that work well with any .50″ foam ammo type. Even if I personally wish that Zuru would cease using the “Blasterhub Dart Range Test Winner” badges on their packaging. (Yes, Zuru, that testing is several years old now, and the Adventure Force/Dart Zone Sureshot darts are the best darts currently on store shelves.)

Entry is simple: Go to the contest post on our Facebook page, comment on the post, and annoy a friend by tagging them in it! The winner will be chosen at random from the main-level comments (as opposed to replies to comments).

Winners are sadly limited to the United States, as this is still a limited operation with limited funds. Contest will end this Saturday (01/26/19) at 8pm EST, with a winner announced shortly after, both on here and on the Facebook page. One entry per person, multiple comments will not increase odds of winning. Winner will be contacted in order to get mailing info.