Endwar Summaries, Day One

Now that enough time has elapsed and life has settled down a bit, I have a chance to summarize my experiences at Endwar. Which are a bit different from the others, since I had moderator duties. But even then, it was a fun weekend!

Another advantage of waiting this long: I can highlight cool videos other people have made about Endwar!

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Dart Zone Updates – Endwar and Beyond!

Since Dart Zone just posted the next teaser for Dart Zone Pro, I may as well cover that and the blasters shown at Foamcon! The blasters on hand were fun to use and impressive updates on previous designs (as well as new ones, if you can call a Kronos competitor new).

Let’s jump in!

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Dart Zone Pro is Official!

There’s not much extra news to relay here – we’ve been wondering when the announcement would happen ever since Google indexed a test page. Now, though, it appears that the official release (presumably of full information and preorders) will be July 15th!

If you want to check out the page yourself, just click here. You’ll be prompted for your age (it’s meant for ages 13+), and then asked to subscribe with a valid email for more updates as July 15th gets closer.